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How can the RX014 be useful to you?

When monitoring an R(B)DS / RDS2 station or network, the first things you may want to know are:

  • What R(B)DS/RDS2 data is being transmitted by the various broadcasters/network operators?
  • Does the R(B)DS/RDS2 data being transmitted meet the R(B)DS specification?
  • What does the R(B)DS/RDS2 data-reception coverage area look like?
  • Many years of experience has taught me that specifications and real world implementations often do collide. It is very important to identify these issues whether you are deep into developing R(B)DS/RDS2 applications or simply monitoring your broadcast station's R(B)DS/RDS2 signals for technical compliance or business reasons.

    When, in the course of creating a new receiver product, there is often a need for a reference receiver which monitors RF conditions continuously, so behavior of the product under test can be understood and debugged.
    For instance, a designer develops R(B)DS/RDS2 algorithms that implement a “Programme Keep Tuned” feature, where the product selects the Alternative Frequency with the best audio quality while staying tuned to the same programme (a useful feature when driving long distances: a widely used and mandatory feature in Europe). When testing this feature in the field or on the bench, there is often a need for a reliable, high-quality, portable reference receiver, such as the RX014.

    Likewise, a station engineer may desire to examine the R(B)DS/RDS2 data being transmitted on his station to verify that the station's data clients (who are paying for R(B)DS/RDS2 bandwidth) are getting their money's worth. A reliable, high-quality reference receiver---the RX014---is exactly what is needed for this task.

    The newly added RDS2 feature is fully operating using the ODA feature from the standard R(B)DS specification. Developing new ODAs becomes very easy when using the RX014. Simply record a session, add the newly developed ODA code and play the file in real time. Use the new ODA decoder to check full functionality of your new product.

    The RX014 is the first product in the world that fully supports the RDS2 specification.


    How is the DS016 Useful to You?
    The DS016 extends the usefulness of the RX014 by replacing the required PC (saving you money) and with its compact size lets you place the RX014 in the best location for the cleanest signal reception. The multiple ways the DS016 can connect to your local network and distribute the RX014's data locally and remotely gives you tremendous monitoring flexibility; clusters of FM stations can be economically monitored from almost anywhere, and the fault-resistant design of the DS016 and RX014 mean less down time.

    The DS016

    The Five Ways a RX014 Can Connect to the World

    1. A single RX014 plugged into a PC and user sitting at that PC.
    2. A single RX014 plugged into a dedicated PC (no user) which is connected to the Internet. The user is remotely monitoring via the Internet.
    3. When a RX014 is connected to DS016:
    a. A DS016 is connected to local network via Ethernet cable. The user is remotely monitoring via the Internet.
    b. A DS016 is connected to local network via Wi-Fi serving up to 32 remote users simultaneously monitoring via the Internet.
    c. A DS016 is connected to up to 32 local users as a Wi-Fi Hotspot (Access Point mode).

    ...And in all the above cases, the user is running the same RX014 application program.