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The RX014 is an all-in-one evaluation tool, comprising:
  • World-class FM Stereo R(B)DS receiver/decoder.
  • Comprehensive control and monitoring software ( Microsoft Windows® ).
  • Easy to use API for your own in-house development and control.
  • The API is freely available without royalty or additional fees.
  • No software drivers are required.
  • No external power is required, as all power is drawn from the Host computer or DS016 Docking Station, through the USB interface.

Electrical Specifications Receiver:

Frequency range: 87.5 to 108.0 MHz
Audio sensitivity: 0.2 dBuV for 26 dB S/N
R(B)DS / RDS2 sensitivity: 16 dBuV
Ultimate Signal to Noise ratio: 60 dB (using dBA filter)
Channel separation: 40 dB

Receiver/Decoder Features:

  • Electronic search and manual tuning in steps of 100 or 200 kHz.
  • 8 user definable presets.
  • Customize the station Search feature to return stations that meet your minimum values for Received Signal Strength Indicator, Ultra-sonic noise, multipath and IF offset.
  • Output volume control.
  • Band scan function with List view and Graphical presentation.
  • Ultra-fast band scan (1 second for a full band scan).
  • Easy to understand R(B)DS data view options including statistical views.
  • Automatic AF update mechanism.
  • R(B)DS / RDS2 data logging with filter options.

DS016 Docking Station Features:

  • RX014 USB host function.
  • Wi-Fi client function with 32 simultaneous users. Click to see the client illustration
  • Wi-Fi "Hotspot" (Access Point) function with 32 simultaneous users. Click to see the Access Point illustration
  • Ethernet (wired) client function with 16 simultaneous users.
  • Integeral Wi-Fi antenna
  • RF-noise free power adapter
  • USB configuration port
  • The firmware can be updated/re-flashed via USB.


To get a sense of the enormous potential the RX014 offers, the control application, along with a detailed presentation can be freely downloaded from the download page.
When no RX014 hardware is found during startup, the application will automatically start its demo mode, playing pre-recorded sessions that showcase most of its features.