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What is the DS016?

DS016This powerful docking station interfaces your RX014 to the outside world, taking the place of a dedicated PC or laptop. Just plug the RX014 into the DS016, plug the provided wall adapter into an outlet, configure the DS016 to use your local Wi-Fi or Ethernet for its Internet connection and it is ready for use.

The compact size of this docking station allows you to place the RX014 and its antenna at an optimal location for the cleanest RF signal.

The DS016 has a sophisticated communication system.  It sends data to a remote RX014 GUI through an Internet connection anywhere in the world using the TCP/IP protocol.

The DS016 can connect, as a client, to your host network either through a Wi-Fi connection or to a cabled Ethernet connection. Notice that the Ethernet and Wi-Fi can be active on your local network simultaneously. Click to see the client illustration full size

DS016 as a Client

As an added feature, the Wi-Fi connection can be configured to operate as a Wi-Fi "Hotspot" (known as Access Point mode), giving you easy access to the RX014 data when you are near the DS016. The illustration shows this typical use case Click to see the Access Point illustration full size.


One of the (many) nice features of the DS016 is that is it has no controls and operates fully standalone...And it is simple to set up:

1) Plug the RX014 into the DS016's USB socket,
2) Plug in the RF-noise-free wall adapter,
3) Set up your DS016's Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection and once online, your RX014 is immediately available on a TCP/IP connection anywhere in the world.

For More Technical Information...

...The DS016 user manual is "Under Construction", and will be available soon on the RX014 download page.